Today, blogging and publishing one’s thoughts has become a popular phenomenon.  Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites make it easy for us to share ideas and comment on events going on in people’s lives and the world in general.  I used to use blogging to share poetry and talk to people who felt connected to my thoughts.   Other than personal use, we have seen and, in this class, experienced blogging sites in the academic scene. At York, we have used wordpress and discussion board to respond to open ended questions, videos, and each other.  I think learning in this setting is a good idea and should, if not already, used in other school levels; besides college.

There are many benefits of classroom blogging.  In an article written in 2011, the author, Kathleen Morris, explains such benefits.  Two major benefits that I found important were “improving literacy skills” and the use of “appropriate online behavior.”  I think these two are important because constantly writing and responding will improve the skills needed to write formal papers later on in the academic career.  It will also affect the way they think, especially when asked complex questions that they can take the time out to answer and write about.  Appropriate online behavior is extremely important because children must learn to be respectful when commenting on other’s work, which websites are safe, and how to report inappropriate behavior.  Knowing these things will keep them safe when using blogs and social networks for personal use.  I think I would like to use classroom blogging in the future.